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Dry Erase Weekly Planner Wall Decal

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Calendar wall decal features Monday-Sunday spaces, daily menu spaces, list space, habit tracker space, gratitude/focus/affirmation spaces.
Decal made with reposition-able adhesive that leaves no residue. Featuring a glossy, dry erase coating that allows for writing/erasing.

Dimensions: 19.5" wide by 15.5" tall

For best results, we suggest the following dry erase brand marking pens: Avery Marks-a-lot® (chisel point), Expo Scents® (chisel point),Expo Bold color® (chisel Point), Expo regular® (chisel point) brand dry erase markers. To clean your decal, it is best to use a microfiber cloth and either soap & water or an isopropyl 50/50 mixture like Expo Original Dry Erase Board Cleaner. Harsh chemicals may adversely affect the surface.

This calendar decal brings a unique aesthetic to your classic dry erase board calendar. For use in offices, classrooms, kitchens, pantries, dorms and any where else you might need to write down lists, reminders, ideas & dreams.
Dry Erase Weekly Planner Wall DecalDry Erase Weekly Planner Wall Decal